Safe and controlled source products

Sanrisil elaborates its products with selected raw materials, with a high quality standard, for the most diverse segments of the Food Industry. Among our products are Pulps, Dry Vegetables, Natural Dyes and Malt Extract.

• Guarana extract

Guarana is a creeping shrub native to Venezuela and the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil. Its fruit is small, red and contains black seeds. In our country, it is well known thanks to soft drinks that contains its typical flavor. What many of us do not know are the benefits of guarana, among which we can find increased concentration. Guarana seeds are very rich in caffeine; they actually contain 4 to 8 percent more caffeine than coffee beans. These seeds are also rich in tannic acids and in the theophylline and theobromine alkaloids.

There are several benefits of Guarana to our health. Among them: increased mental alertness, combat fatigue, increased energy and endurance. Guarana is, moreover, one of the richest sources of caffeine, which is why the fruit has so many stimulating properties.

For beverage, energy, syrup and capsule applications:

Guarana dry extract 5% caffeine

Guarana dry extract 10% caffeine

Guarana dry extract 22% caffeine

Guarana fluid extract 1.2% caffeine

Guarana fluid extract 5.5% caffeine


• Fruit pulp

Our fruit pulps are dried by spray drier, being a fine powder, with smooth flavor characteristic of the fruit. We have the traditional flavors and we develop new flavors or mix of flavors. For application in soft drinks, gelatins, functional drinks, shakes and other products.

• Natural Beet Dye

Natural dyes are food additives, which have the function of conferring, enhancing or restoring the color of a food thus improving its appearance. Beet is found in the form of a root, rich in sugar, protein, vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, C, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron and manganese. It is ideal in the fight against anemia because it has a high iron content. It should also be consumed by those who have problems with dental weakness and inflammation of the gums. Sanrisil dry beet extract can be used in food industry applications for the preparation of various foods or as a natural dye.

• Avocado Dry Extract

Avocado is rich in fat, especially the monounsaturated type, the same as olive oil, considered by nutritionists as a type of healthy fat, as it helps to control the rate of bad cholesterol in the blood. It has no cholesterol and contains vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin, folic acid, iron, calcium and is an excellent source of fiber: it provides 6 g per 100 g of pulp (an adult needs 20 g to 30 g per day). dried avocado extract can be used by the food industry, supplements or pharmaceutical.

• Dry Carrot Extract

Carrot is considered a highly nutritious food because it contains excellent amounts of vitamin A (β-carotene), which is a very important vitamin for humans. This vitamin is effective in fighting free radicals, as it acts as an antioxidant, but also protects eyesight, preventing the onset of diseases such as night blindness and xerophthalmia. Sanrisil dried extract of carrot can be used in the food industry for the preparation in diverse applications, like baking.

• Moringa Dry Extract

The moringa plant is a source of protein, amino acids, vitamin C, carotenoids and minerals such as calcium and iron. Several studies have shown that moringa has a high nutritional value with respect to vitamins and minerals, offering more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than orange, more iron than spinach, and more potassium than banana. It is also one of the most protein rich vegetables. Sanrisil moringa extract can be used for the pharmaceutical industry or for supplements for the production of capsules or other applications.

• Arracacha Dry Extract

Arracacha is one of the excellent sources of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, it also contains many poly-acetylene antioxidants, such as falcarinol, falcarindiol, panaxydiol, and methyl falcarindiol, is rich in various B complex groups of vitamins such as folic acid, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamine and pantothenic acid, as well as vitamin K and vitamin. In addition, it also has healthy levels of minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. Sanrisil arracacha dry extract can be used in the food industry for preparation in various applications, such as baking.

• Pumpkin Dry Extract

The pumpkin is a source of protein and fiber, increases magnesium intake, elevates potassium levels, strengthens the immune system and contains good levels of antioxidants. Sanrisil Pumpkin dry extract can be used in the food industry for preparation in various applications, such as baking

Malt Extract (Dry and Syrupy)

Definition: Product obtained through enzymatic process of barley and malt grain and subsequent concentration.

Application: Use in baking products: biscuits, cakes, panettones, breads, ice cream cone, chocolates (mainly white) and others.