Get to know Salix Alba and its properties

Scientific name: Salix alba
Classification: Species:
Higher classification: Willow tree
Preservation state: Least concern (Stable)

The main properties of Salix Alba, experimentally demonstrated, are mainly due to salicoside, which turns into the gut into salicylic acid, a compound close to ASA and has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic activity (Beismann et al. 1997b). It is thus indicated essentially because of its anti-inflammatory action, against mild painful joint manifestations and mild fevers caused by a flu-like condition without attacking the gastrointestinal tract.

Analgesic Property

The first recognized medicinal property of Salix alba is its composition, a substance called salicin that has been isolated and transformed into acetylsalicylic acid which is the active ingredient in Aspirin. This substance contributes to the relief effect of mild to moderate pain. It is therefore widely used for headaches, sore throats, teeth and joints.

Anti-Inflammatory Property

Among Salix alba’s recognized medicinal properties is also its anti-inflammatory power that makes it a great ally in combating airway inflammation as well as arthritis and joints.

Antipyretic Property

Salix alba bark has long been used by humans as a way to lower fever. When there is some kind of infection in our body it is natural that fever manifests as a warning sign. Reducing fever is a way to help your body to recover by fighting off its most effectively harming things.

Use in PMS (PMS)

Some women suffer from the action of hormones in the premenstrual period, tea made from white willow bark contributes to regulate hormonal action reducing mood swings. Due to its analgesic properties it is also used as an ally in combating menstrual cramps.

Fighting the Signs of Aging

Finally, we could not fail to mention the beneficial properties for the appearance and health of the skin that White Willow has. With a large amount of antioxidants this plant can be used topically or by tea to make the skin look younger.

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