It all started with a lemon

Our story begins in Italy, when Dr. Giuseppe Riso worked to obtain the aromas and active ingredients of the Sicilian lemon, which are abundant in this Mediterranean region.

With World War II, Dr. Giuseppe decides to move to Brazil, home to many Italians in the city of São Paulo.

He is fascinated by the opportunities in the country, especially with the tropical biodiversity that makes it possible to obtain active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.

With his experience in the sector, he founded Sanrisil, a pioneer company in plant extracts, present in the market for over 70 years.
Today, Sanrisil continues to be a family business under the management of the fourth generation of the Riso family, maintaining the values ​​of respect for people and valuing the environment.

Nossa história

We care about people and the planet

Without the support of collectors, cooperatives and associations of rural workers, small family producers, we would not be able to carry out our mission

Without caring for nature, the world can lose many riches present in Brazilian biomes.

We are still learning, as Brazil’s biodiversity will still show many of our solutions for the planet.

Our purpose

Sanrisil is always aiming at the well-being of society: its customers, suppliers and workers offering plant extraction solutions and high quality products to the market.

Our mission

Improve pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food products to become a national and global reference in the vegetable extraction markets.

Our values

A company with family values, which seeks the growth of our employees, our suppliers and our customers through the creation of long-term partnerships.
We encourage innovation and agility to achieve our goals, always respecting the human being. We maintain a work environment in which people are free to promote their ideas and show their full potential.

What is wellness for Sanrisil?

People are living longer and want to live better and better. The growing search for naturalness is a fact. Be it in food, medicine and in all aspects of life. And Sanrisil makes active ingredients available in nature accessible to people. Through science and its extraction processes, Sanrisil concentrates these substances in a practical way for consumption. From plants, flowers, seeds, etc. we take away what wise nature has created for the benefit of human beings. Sanrisil’s extraction generates effective concentration with solutions for each segment of our customers.