Malt extract Malt extract

Malt extract

Malt extract

⦁ It results from the process of macerating whole grains of raw barley and malted barley (MALT).

⦁ Source of healthy and easily absorbed sugars.

⦁ Typical malt flavor and aroma from whole grains.

⦁ Low-fat and trans-fat free.


Flavoring: It enhances the flavor of products and masks the bitter taste from cocoa and soy. Ideal for milk chocolate and white chocolate to round off the bitter taste of cocoa, soy-based drinks and whole-grain breads.

Darkening agent: Ingredient used for Maillard reaction, developing color and shine to the product. Ideal for bakery products, to give color and shine to products.

Texture Modifier: It acts as a humectant, retaining water and leaving the product softer, aerated, light, thus increasing its shelf life for longer on the shelf.

⦁ Prevents the formation of lactose crystals (dulce de leche) and ice (ice cream).

⦁ Fermentable sugar source: used as a substrate for fermentation, both for pasta (cookies, cakes, panettone, etc.) and for beverages (beers, whiskey, etc.).

⦁ Natural sweetener.

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