Benefits of the Sagrada Cascara

Scientific name: Rhamnus purshiana Classification: Species Top Ranking: Rhamnus Cascara extract is metabolized by intestinal bacteria, producing substances that stimulate bowel movement, facilitating evacuation. Benefits of the Sagrada Cascara Slows down the signs of aging: This plant has anti-aging properties that help to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes on the skin that appear over the […]

Medicinal properties, benefits and what is the purpose of Boldo?

Scientific name: Peumus boldus Top rating: Peumus Classification: Species Boldo is a medicinal plant, also known as boldo-do-chile, boldo-afragans or boldo-true, widely used as a home remedy for the liver. Medicinal properties of boldo: Boldo’s properties include its gallbladder stimulating, diuretic, antispasmodic, anesthetic, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, depurative, detoxifying, stimulating, sedative, tonic and vermifuge action. […]

What is Yerba Mate for and what are its benefits?

Scientific name: Ilex paraguariensis Classification: Species Top rating: Ilex Conservation Status: Nearly Threatened Encyclopedia of Life Kingdom: Plante Class: Magnoliopside Yerba mate is a medicinal plant that has a thin gray stem, oval leaves and small green or purplish-red fruits. It is widely cultivated in the southern region of Brazil, being used as a home […]

What is Hypericum, what are its nutrients and benefits?

Scientific name: Hypericum perforatum Classification: Species Top rating: Hypericum Family: Guttiferae Hipericus is a perennial and robust shrub, composed of small, oval, elongated and perforated leaves, in addition to having golden flowers. For centuries the plant has been used as a laxative, diuretics, antipyretic, healing, neuralgia, insomnia, headaches, gastritis, hemorrhoids, tetanus, mental illnesses and even […]

Six benefits of valerian

Scientific name: Valeriana officinalis Top rating: Valerian Classification: Species Valerian root is known to be endowed with antispasmodic, sedative, calming, sleeping, anticonvulsant, relaxant and soporific properties – which cause sleep. helps you sleep betterValerian root can serve as a natural remedy for people who suffer from sleeping difficulties. Studies have shown that the herb shortens […]

Main nutrients and benefits of Chamomile.

Scientific name: Matricaria chamomilla Classification: Species Top rating: Matricaria Kingdom: Plante Species: M. recutita Family: Asteraceae Chamomile, Chamomilla recutita (L). Rauschert, is an herbaceous and aromatic plant. Its flower has an essential oil composed of terpenes, flavonoids and other organic substances, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. As a result, it helps to calm down […]

What is artichoke and what is it for?

Scientific name: Cynara scolymus Top rating: Cynara cardunculus Classification: Variety Artichoke is a medicinal plant, also known as Artichoke-hortense or Common Artichoke, widely used to lose weight or to complement treatments, as it is able to lower cholesterol, fight anemia, regulate blood sugar levels and fight gas , for example. It has a low caloric […]

The benefits of Gingko Biloba

Scientific name: Ginkgo biloba Classification: Species Conservation Status: Endangered Encyclopedia of Life Top rating: Ginkgo Ginkgo has a total of more than 40 isolated components, however, only two are considered responsible for the medicinal effects of the herb: flavonoids and terpenoids. The former are plant-based antioxidants that work by protecting the nerves, heart muscle and […]

What are the benefits of Indian Chestnut?

Scientific name:  Aesculus hippocastanum Classification: Species Top Classification: Aesculus Conservation Status: Near Threatened (Decreasing Among the benefits of horse chestnut, its action stands out to: Improve capillary fragility, Help in the treatment of venous insufficiency (poor circulation), such as: varicose veins, leg fatigue, hemorrhoids and edema. Its effects occur thanks to the composition of a complex mixture […]

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