Malt Extracts 

Sanrisil produces and provides to the market a natural product obtained from malted barley, which undergoes specific process called Hydrolysis Enzyme Concentration and widely used by the food industry, giving the products distinctive features. 


Flavor, color and shine enhancer for bakery and pastries;

 Used to retain moisture in breads and cakes, to increase shelf life of products; 

It reduces the formation of ice crystals in ice cream and lactose crystals in products such as caramel; 

 Increased volume in baked goods, due to the increase in fermentable sugars (maltose);  


Provides energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals. 

It promotes an increase in the volume of the bread dough due to the better activity of the yeast, resulting in a more aerated and softer dough. 

It gives greater crunchiness after baking and evens out the color of the crust and the crumb of the bread. 

Provides sugar with excellent absorption by the body and quick use in muscle activities when applied in a cereal bar, in addition to being a great humectant. 

Gives flavor, color and crunchiness to breakfast cereals and crackers. 


Chocolates, ice cream, children’s foods, cereal bars, breakfast cereals, chocolates, caramels and pastries, biscuit industry, dairy products, baked goods and animal feed. 

BreadsSweet bread, French bread, Loaf, Hamburger buns, Italian bread, Whole grain bread and sweet bread

BiscuitsCracker, Sweet Biscuit, Butter Biscuit

Cereal Bar

GranolaCommon and Light