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Rutin is found in many plants, especially in buckwheat, Rue (Ruta graveolens), flower buds of Sophara japonica, eucalyptus leaves, Dimorphandra Mollis (Fava d’Anta) from the North-East of Brazil and in many other plants.  Rutin is a flavonol glycoside that belongs to the group of derivatives of flavone, generally described as a bioflavonoid.
This product is characteristic for increasing the resistance of capillary veins and consequently reducing their permeability to red blood cells.  Due to those characteristics, in 1937, Szent – Gyorgi and his colleagues used the name of Vitamin P for Rutin.

It comes in a yellow-green powder form.

Main Actions:
Rich in Vitamin P, which combined with Vitamin C is beneficial to break down the fats and therefore lower LDL cholesterol levels; it also strengthens the structure of the vein walls and is very much used in the treatment and prevention of small varicose veins.

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