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Quality Policy

Sanrisil vegetable and natural extractsAware of the importance of quality in the crops it grows to obtain top-quality final products, Sanrisil is keen on taking part in the process from the very beginning when the crops are planted and takes great care in not using any genetically modified plants. The result of this follow-up process at all the stages, from choosing the best seeds to deciding on the best harvest time, is the top quality of its extracts raw material.
For that purpose, Sanrisil has invested both in its analysis technology and in its product-development process.
With this concept in mind, Sanrisil adopts the following principles for its Quality Policy:

 To meet its clients’ demands while remaining competitive as to the lead times, amounts
 and quality set;
To continuously perfect the production and administrative processes by using the latest
 techniques available;
To guarantee the on-going qualification, training, and perfecting of its staff;
To ensure an effective and synergetic partnership with its clients, the community and
  the environment.

Quality Certificate

 ISO 9001:2000 Certification
 IBD (Biodynamics Institute, accredited with the International Federation of Organic
  Agriculture Movements - IFOAM).

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