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Malt Extract

Syrupy and Dry Malt Extracts Application - Vegetable extracts for food industries

Sanrisil produces and supplies a natural product to the market, obtained from barley after submitting it to the specific processes of enzymatic hydrolysis and concentration, which are widely used in the Food Industry to provide differentiated features to the products

Dry Malt Extracts
 Flavor, color, and shine enhancer for bakery products
 Used to retain the moistness of bread and cakes so to increase their period for
 Product shelf life
 Reduces the formation of ice crystals in ice creams and in dairy products.
 Increases the volume of bakery products because of the increase in available
  fermentable sugars during baking (maltose)
 Energy, protein, vitamin and mineral salt supply

Chocolate powder drinks, ice creams, children food, cereal bars, morning cereals, chocolates, caramels and confections, the cookie industry, dairy products, bakery products and animal food.
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